Woke Evangelicals suffer defeat at Cru

The most well known college ministry, Cru, just like every other major denomination and parachurch organization was embattled with those who would want to bring in not only Critical Race Theory but also the Revoice Movement which seeks to soft peddle homosexuality in the church. Evangelical Dark Web has written about rising stars in Big […]

DarkLinks 10: Discernment, Andy Savage, Cru drifting Left

This has been a busy week on multiple fronts in the world of Evangelicalism. Between Andy Savage and the ongoing woes at the SBC, there were also developments on the story with regards to Cru. Discernment By Jeff Dornik @ GateKeepers Discernment. That one word has so many different connotations. Many see it as a […]

DarkLinks 7: Was King David Really a rapist?

This edition of DarkLinks confronts a narrative set forth by the Social Justice Gospel preachers who want to #MeToo the Bible. Turns out, they have a surprisingly poor understanding of the story of King David and Bathsheba and the Mosaic law. King David a Rapist? Not so Fast! By Nathaniel Sullivan @ Word Foundation “Key […]