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Rosaria Butterfield

Rosaria Butterfield Calls Out Side B Theology At Liberty University

Rosaria Butterfield recently gave a convocation at Liberty University where she took aim at Side B Theology that is rampantly infiltrating the church. The lecture that she gave focused heavily on her personal testimony of how God rescued her from homosexuality. But as she pivots to talking about her book, she takes aim at the trendy heresy infiltrating the church. She name-drops Revoice, Preston Sprinkle, and Cru. Perhaps the bigger story here is not that Rosaria Butterfield is calling out heresy, but that Liberty University, by platforming her, is taking a stand against Side B Theology.

Side B Theology teaches that sexual orientation is a thing and is fixed. It believes that therefore homosexual and transvestite identities are compatible with Christianity. It also teaches that homosexual, transvestite desires are not sinful.

Last year, Rosaria Butterfield repented of peddling Side B Theology and has been very critical of the Me Too Movement in the church. On November 10, Liberty University had a convocation in which she spoke about her testimony and book Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age. The crowd cheers when she states she’s going to name names because that’s “citing your sources” but when she name-drops Cru, the shot fired landed on the crowd of the notoriously Christian university.

Revoice is called out which is unsurprising given that they are synonymous with Side B Theology. Preston Sprinkle is specifically called out for his Exiles in Babylon Conference which is sponsored by his “heretical” Center For Faith and Sexuality. Indeed, this is spicier because many large platforms love Preston Sprinkle.

But the most provocative to the normies was the shot against Cru who has adopted this unbiblical position. Ed Stetzer came out to defend Cru as a result of this.

Indeed, Cru promoted Rachel Gilson and Preston Sprinkle.

The most important aspect of this is Liberty University platforming Rosaria Butterfield for a convocation in which they knew she was going to speak against Side B Theology. So while many seminaries and Christian universities are apostacizing, Liberty is holding a firm line.

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