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DarkLinks 10: Discernment, Andy Savage, Cru drifting Left

This has been a busy week on multiple fronts in the world of Evangelicalism. Between Andy Savage and the ongoing woes at the SBC, there were also developments on the story with regards to Cru.


By Jeff Dornik @ GateKeepers


That one word has so many different connotations.

Many see it as a bunch of angry Reformed Theologians who run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to take down anyone who might disagree with any theological position they might have. Others, like Perry Noble, see discernment as a bunch of bloggers sitting in their mom’s basement, in their underwear, behind a computer screen, lobbing accusations against famous pastors. And still others are like Mark Driscoll, where he claims the Holy Spirit shows him on his own private TV screen (think Google Glass) people in his congregation graphically sinning… and then calls that the “gift” of discernment. The problem is, none of those examples are Biblical Discernment.

FBC Texico, NM leaves SBC over Resolution 9, other false teaching

By Capstone Report

New Mexico Church exits SBC, says J.D. Greear and the Southern Baptist Convention promote false teaching after embrace of Resolution 9. Church says Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality and what the Resolution promotes are condemned in Scripture. Letter says 2 Peter 2 and Jude apply to current SBC.

Confessed Sexual Assault Perpetrator Andy Savage Aims to Start a New Church


Andy Savage is planning to start a new church in Memphis, TN. He was accused of sexually assaulting a teen in 1998, which was brought to light in January of 2018. Sexual assault is a technical term, encompassing non-coerced sexual activity with a minor. Andy Savage’s scripted apology to his congregation, Highpoint Church Memphis (various campuses) was broadcast in a bid to show him repentant. In a carefully crafted speech, he admitted to involvement in a ‘sexual incident.’ This speech back-fired. First, at the end of reading his so-called apology, the church applauded him as if he’d just won an academy award. But within two months, Savage faced a public backlash that led to his resignation from his role as teaching pastor

It’s time to counterattack by banning chemical castration of minors

By Ray Fava @ NOQ Report

But the defense of this last shred of sanity is a beachhead that buys James Younger some time, though not apart from his sexually abusive mother, Dr. Georgulas. This last beach head is from whence we should launch a counterattack on the gay agenda by banning the chemical castration of children via puberty blockers and hormone replacement surgery. We should furthermore ban sex reassignment surgery for minors. I would go so far as to advocate criminalizing the practice so that both parents and doctors go to jail and become registered sex offenders.

Former Cru Intern Shares Story about Ministry’s Leftward Drift

By Jon Harris @ World View Weekend


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