Wall Street vs the Plebs: A Christian Response

It seems as though only two weeks ago that I had written extensively about the collusion between Big Tech and Big Government. One of the messages I emphasized was that Big Tech Censorship goes far beyond social media. It would appear that FinTech is no exception to this collusion. Robinhood and the other major retail […]

Woke Methodists form new denomination

The plan to take over society by Cultural Marxists is well known as the “long march through the institutions.” In this, every societal institution: government, entertainment, education, sports, corporate America, and even the church has been or is in the process of being taken over by Cultural Marxism. The larger point here is that Marxists […]

John Piper defends Critical Race Theory Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed how John Piper treats Critical Race Theory as an abstract academic philosophy that is not actively being taught in churches. Therefore, Piper argues it is slanderous to use Critical Race Theory in the pejorative against a teacher teaching this ideology. I argue that Piper’s Part 1 was designed to combat […]

Christianity Today laments treatment of Woke Evangelicals

Victimhood must be maintained for those whose moralview is rooted in Cultural Marxism. According to this false religion, there are oppressors and victims. And the victims are good while the oppressors are on the side of evil. With race, the whites are the oppressors, therefore are in need of repentance. So when Woke Evangelicals corrupt […]

President Trump fighting Critical Race Theory leaves churches without excuse

It is often said that politics is downstream from culture. As a corollary to that famous saying, culture is downstream from the church. Perhaps it is a great exception to this saying that President Trump has taken up purging the federal government of Critical Race Theory. On September 4th, the story broke that President Trump […]