Derek Chauvin and Social Justice Juries

There is little doubt in the minds of many that the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial was intimidated. And there is a multitude of evidence to affirm these concerns. From recent rioting to the high profile nature of the case. Even elected officials from the local level to the President have weighed in on […]

Two very bad but very possible outcomes of the Derek Chauvin Trial

With the Derek Chauvin Trial now in deliberation, the whole nation awaits a verdict. This is perhaps the highest profile murder trial in the United States since OJ Simpson. Derek Chauvin is being tried on a spectrum of homicide charges in relation to George Floyd’s death. George Floyd became a martyr for the woke Social […]

Woke evangelicals know social justice, not actual justice

The trial process for Derek Chauvin is underway, and one of the most important parts is happening right now. The jury selection is where the prosecution and defense fight to frame the jury to their advantage. The prosecution wants woke people in the jury and the defense wants the blue lives matter crowd to fill […]