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Max Lucado and the He Gets Us Campaign One of the most overlooked aspects of both the He Gets Us Campaign and The Chosen is the Big Eva industry working behind the scenes to fund and market products that ultimately put out a substandard Jesus. The He Gets Us Campaign seemingly came out of nowhere with the ability to put up the […]

Exposing ‘He Gets Us’: Big Eva’s $100 Million Ad Campaign About $100 million dollars have poured into an ad campaign consisting of stock images overlaid with music and narration, in an attempt to make Jesus the biggest brand ever. He Gets Us began in 2021 as an ad campaign to promote Jesus as relatable. Yet despite their top video having 16.2 million views this […]

Exposing Gloo Connect and Algorithm Christianity If Rick Warren were a tech company, what would it look like? It would look something like Gloo Connect, an innovative platform utilized in the church growth movement. According to the Christian Post,┬ámore than 30,000 churches are using Gloo Connect, and┬áper their website, these churches would include David Platt’s McLean Bible Church, Larry Osbornes’ […]