American decadence, Secularism no match for the Taliban

During the Cold War, it was often the complaint of leftists at the time that the United States was the aggressor towards the Soviet Union. That if the United States would relent on its arm’s race and give peace a chance, the Soviets would have done likewise. History proves otherwise as the USSR collapsed. During […]

Christian activist, Philip Haney, murdered

It became news over the weekend that Philip Haney was found dead in his home. Haney is most widely known for being a DHS whistleblower during the Obama administration. Unfortunately what is lesser known is that Philip Haney was a devout Christian who was active in fighting the Social Justice Gospel and Islam. Haney is […]

The inescapable alliance between Leftism and Islamism

Preface: This article was originally published on NOQ Report. Though it is more political than what is usually posted on this platform, it is a wonky exploration of the alliance between two godless ideologies. Thus it is not in contrast to our commitment to being political but nonpartisan. Title has been changed.   An enemy […]