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Doug Wilson Peddles ‘Woke Right’ Myth Doug Wilson recently appeared on the Room For Nuance podcast to respond to criticism levied against him on the podcast by Ligon Duncan. Ligon Duncan is a woke preacher, but Sean DeMars of Room For Nuance wants the audience to know that he’s not woke and invited Doug Wilson on following his interview with […]

Doug Wilson, Andrew Isker Debate Modern Judaism, Antisemitism Doug Wilson is one of the thought leaders in Reformed circles and he sat down with Andrew Isker to debate the “Jewish Questions” that Christians have been debating for centuries. They also debate the nature of antisemitism. Both Doug Wilson and Andrew Isker are arguing from a Reformed perspective, therefore not dispensational. Doug Wilson […]

John Piper vs Christian Nationalism John Piper is one of the most influential pastors in the United States. In recent decades, this influence has been to the detriment to the church, as he has gone woke and is soft on pressing cultural issues. The last time we reported on John Piper was when he peddled the unsafe and ineffective […]