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Is Johnny Hunt’s Lawsuit A Violation of 1 Corinthians 6?

Lawsuits are quite common it seems in Christian news reporting. The Southern Baptist Convention is currently involved with at or around nine lawsuits, each with varying degrees of biblical grounding. Johnny Hunt is the latest lawsuit to face scrutiny over whether it violates 1 Corinthians 6. Does any one of you, when he has a […]

Johnny Hunt Sues Southern Baptist Convention, Guidepost

The Sex Abuse Task Force Report produced by Guidepost Solutions was an “independent” investigation that promised to uncover sex abuse and sex abuse coverups within the Southern Baptist Convention and the SBC Executive Committee. But no allegations of sex abuse or coverups were uncovered in the investigation that rehashed Paige Patterson and promoted Jennifer Lyell […]

Todd Benkert Booted From SBC Task Force On Abuse

Prominent liberal blogger for SBC Voices has risen high in the Southern Baptist Convention under Bart Barber. Being able to maintain a reputation for being tough on abuse, Bart Barber appointed Todd Benkert to the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force shortly after being elected president of the convention. On a Friday news dumb, Todd Benkert […]

Baptist Church Defends Johnny Hunt, Attacks SBC’s MeToo Agenda Earlier this month, Todd Benkert reported two churches to the Credentials Committee for hosting or intending to host Johnny Hunt, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. The two churches are Hiland Park Baptist Church in Panama City, Fla., and New Season Church in Hiram, Ga. Todd Benkert, a liberal blogging pastor was […]

Johnny Hunt Restored To Ministry After Being Accused Of Sexual Assault

Johnny Hunt was once the president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Then he was figuratively put out to pasture after the Guidepost Sex Abuse Task Force Report accused him of sexual assault with another pastor’s wife who was complicit in the coverup. Johnny Hunt has denied committing any sort of sexual assault but said that his […]

Dr. Bobby Lopez: Sex Abuse Task Force Report Covers Up More Than It Reveals Dr. Bobby Lopez was once fired from Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary for writing about sex abuse. Now the Southern Baptist Convention has publicly released the Sex Abuse Task Force report, Bobby Lopez believes that this report is a hit job meant to cover up sex abuse the Southern Baptist Convention does not want you […]

Sex Abuse Task Force Accuses Johnny Hunt of Sexual Assault On Sunday the Sex Abuse Task Force of the Southern Baptist Convention released its highly anticipated report ahead of the 2022 Annual Southern Baptist Convention. The predictably underwhelming report did have one major finding that was previously unknown and that is a sexual assault allegation against former SBC President (2008-2010), Johnny Hunt. Prior to […]