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Kenneth Copeland Drinks Own Blood During Communion Kenneth Copeland operates in Clownworld and is more of a television personality than an influential pastor. Yet a recent clip of him performing communion went viral when he mixed his own blood into the element. Kenneth Copeland is one of the most notorious false teachers of our day. This desecration of the Lord's Supper […]

Will Mike Winger Finally Call Bill Johnson a False Teacher? Finally—it happened. Internet pastor Mike Winger called Bill Johnson a heretic for the crime of having Kenneth Copeland speak at Bethel Church. His eyes were opened that Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton would proudly associate with this blatant heretic whose promise of faith healing could not sustain his own heart from requiring a pacemaker. […]

Kenneth Copeland, Sean Feucht Bring Cringe To Trump Rally

One one hand, Donald Trump is finally bringing support to a Christian candidate like Doug Mastriano. On the other, Donald Trump lacks discernment in who he platforms to achieve a political end. Aty a last minute rally in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump hosted a rally bringing Kenneth Copeland and Sean Feucht to the show. Now, Sean […]