DarkLinks 26: Conjured distinctions of Revoice

This edition of DarkLinks promotes Chris Bolt’s series Revisting Revoice, a movement for which we have already issued warnings against some of its speakers such as Grant Hartley. Chris does multiple deep dives on the issues at play starting with the conference’s established need and the distinctions it conjures as it relates to homosexuality. From […]

Beth Moore claims that conservative Evangelicalism died in 2016 (because of Trump)

When Mark Galli penned his article for Trump’s removal, Beth Moore was among the Big Eva elites praising it. Since then a number of Evangelical Dark Web publications have published their responses. The latest response to garner attention comes from the Christian Post written by John Grano and Richard Land. The post itself can be read […]

DarkLinks 23: Evangelical Dark Web responds to Christianity Today

This publication was not alone in responding to Christianity Today‘s Mark Galli and his blatantly partisan post. The Evangelical Dark Web rejects the claim that orthopraxy requires us to support removing the president. In addition to rejecting Mark Galli’s fallacious post, others in the Evangelical Dark Web called out the blatant partisanship and the magazine’s […]

There is no biblical case for impeachment

Twitter and media hacks raved about an article by Christianity Today that called for impeachment claiming that the magazine was a barometer for Evangelicalism. The headline “Trump Should Be Removed from Office” by Mark Galli is the feature article for the “Christian” magazine. This is not just some op ed. Mark Galli is their EIC. Galli is a […]