Netflix Messiah | Christian Film Review

  Netflix debuted it’s Messiah series to much garnering much controversy globally. This comes after Netflix had a “gay Jesus” movie, and produces a lot of socialist propaganda. But Messiah is produced by the same people who made the Bible miniseries on the History Channel. Ray gives a review of Netflix’s Messiah from a youthful non-PC Christian […]

Petition to remove ‘gay Jesus’ film reaches 2 million signatures

Over a week ago the petition to remove the homosexual film A primeira tentação de Cristo garnered the support of over 1 million signatures. The support initially began in Brazil before gaining international support. The petition reads: Pela proibição da veiculação do filme de Natal do “Porta dos fundos”, que tem como título “A primeira […]

Poor management and strategy killed Telltale Games

Telltale Games just underwent a massive layoff of approximately 250 employees reducing the company’s staff to 25 people to fulfill the company obligations. The company was well known for creating adventure games with riveting storytelling and quality art. Poor Management Telltale’s management did not seem to think employee retention was a necessary piece in the […]