DarkLinks 28: Dangers of the Sinner’s Prayer

This edition of DarkLinks is a little more gloomy than others. The overall theme is danger. In the first article we feature a cutting perspective on dealing with heretics that the author believes is lost. Next, my colleague JD Rucker over at NOQ Report wrote a reaction to Paul Washer explaining the dangers of the […]

Watch: Paul Washer denounce Popularity Gospel

We referenced this video in our previous article on Hillsong’s carnal marketing, but it’s worth a watch in any case because of how accurately describes the problems with the Popularity Gospel. Here’s a quote from the video: “If you use carnal means to attract men, you’re going to attract carnal men. And you’re going to […]

Carnal marketing attracts carnal men

In this video, we see Hillsong’s promotional video for their 2019 Christmas special in London. By no means could one gather from this that a church is putting on this concert. The promo features mediocre secular Christmas music and effeminate males. Salt and Light does an excellent job of counting what is in the video, […]