Christianity Today unopposed to Pete Buttigieg’s false gospel

Christianity Today has garnered a lot of scrutiny from people who were previously unaware that they have been co-opted by the world. But with Soros ties and a history of being a rented by figures like James McDonald to lambaste critics, Christianity Today has long been Christianity in-name-only, a disgrace to the late Billy Graham whose coattails they cling. In a […]

DarkLinks 19: Seminary professor fired for preaching the gospel

There is no barrel scrapping in this edition of DarkLinks. Perhaps this is our most jam-packed yet. This is a busy news week in Christendom, and a lot of stories just didn’t make the cut this time around. The story about the online snitch portal didn’t make the cut because we decided to respond to […]

DarkLinks 7: Was King David Really a rapist?

This edition of DarkLinks confronts a narrative set forth by the Social Justice Gospel preachers who want to #MeToo the Bible. Turns out, they have a surprisingly poor understanding of the story of King David and Bathsheba and the Mosaic law. King David a Rapist? Not so Fast! By Nathaniel Sullivan @ Word Foundation “Key […]