Update: All is well. God is good.

Yesterday, I had sent out a prayer request for my family. I am amazed by the support my family received from this reader base. So I owe it to you to provide an update. It was confirmed to be a kidney stone attack, in which I can say I’ve seen granulated kidney stones. It seems […]

An urgent request for prayer

I don’t often get personal. It’s not about me, and I don’t want it to become that way. However flawed, I’ve always been of the mindset to keep to myself and rarely have prayer requests to offer for myself. After reaching out to family and church, it seemed necessary to ask here. Because more prayer, […]

Receive God’s love in order to help others

Earlier in the month I penned a piece about how God gave me a sense of assurance and purpose in the midst of my miserable working experience. A main source of grievance was how the company was treating my friend. As I explained, a bad situation landed him in a tough financial situation. I also came […]