Update: All is well. God is good.

Yesterday, I had sent out a prayer request for my family. I am amazed by the support my family received from this reader base. So I owe it to you to provide an update. It was confirmed to be a kidney stone attack, in which I can say I’ve seen granulated kidney stones. It seems like the stone has passed and we are in the clear for the time being. She was discharged rather swiftly. Moreover, we are hopefully prepared for if/ when this happens in the future. Although, one does not simply remove a kidney when experiencing stones, and this is cause for ongoing anxiety.

It being a small world, I got to hear about how a former coworker of mine was the one to give my wife’s ultrasound at the hospital. And I felt happy for this person I used to know.

It’s strange how really bad events like this don’t effect the pregnancy; it certainly seems counterintuitive to our thinking. The biggest concern from the doctors is seeing this pregnancy go to term. Our firstborn was a healthy preemie.

Thank you all for your prayers. The baby’s perfectly healthy. My wife is feeling better. I have a newfound sense of confidence. God is good.

A call to action

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