Ron DeSantis Understands Romans 13

It was to no great irony that Ron DeSantis ventured to unincorporated Brandon, Florida to sign into law measures to eradicate Covidstan in Florida and workaround the Biden Regime’s vaccine mandate via OSHA. Under HB 1B (2021), companies must accept the following in lieu as valid exemptions for vaccinations: pregnancy (preexisting or expectant), medical concerns, […]

Why Todd Friel is completely wrong about Romans 13 and Vaccine Mandates Todd Friel is most certainly one of the most trustworthy more establishment voices in Evangelicalism. However, there is a great split in Evangelicalism on the role of government and whether civil or even violent disobedience to government is on the table for Christians. Todd Friel takes a near absolute stance on Romans 13 and […]

The 2nd Amendment is not for hunting

With the demonstration in DC, it became very clear that most of “Conservative Media” is perfectly content to remain as opposition media enriching themselves off of the anger of a populace, they have no empathy for. Others were quick to point fingers at Antifa, but this ignores the salient political issue of our time. America […]

Rejoice! John MacArthur invokes Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates

John MacArthur is one of the most prominent biblical scholars alive today. However one area of controversy with MacArthur is his interpretation of the role of civil magistrates. John MacArthur has a very strict interpretation of Romans 13. By strict, I mean far less conditional than how most view the passage. This has left Grace […]