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SBC Propagandist Named New Interim Executive Committee President

Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web reported that Willie McLaurin resigned as interim president of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention following the revelation that he lied on his resume. The SBC has since announce McLaurin’s replacement as it continues to search for a long term replacement to Ronnie Floyd who resigned in 2021. Willie […]

Can Al Mohler Save The SBC? This is not the article that I want to write. As someone who is not Southern Baptist, I find myself having a more vested interest in saving the Southern Baptist Convention than most Southern Baptists. In the post-game analysis of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention, I see the true Christians largely leaderless in the […]

SBC23: A Mitigated Disaster

The annual Southern Baptist Convention was the 3rd convention in which conservative Baptist were mobilized against the liberal drift in the denomination. In this convention, the conservatives would see both continued setbacks and substantial gains, previously unseen in the previous conventions. In 2021, the conservatives lost the presidential race winning only a minor office of […]

SBC Passes Amendment Banning Female Pastors

The 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention had a massive victory for conservatives that appeared against all odds. Mike Law has been actively working to amend the SBC constitution to define churches that have female pastors as not being in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention, an issue made relevant by Saddleback Church and many […]

Rick Warren Loses Appeal At Annual Southern Baptist Convention Yesterday at the 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, messengers took a vote on whether to sustain or overrule the decision to disfellowship Saddleback Church over its ordination of women. The results were not published that session. Instead messengers would learn the results the following day. The results were as follows: 9437 (88.46%) messengers voted […]

Watch The 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention

Morning Session: 9am-12:30pm Eastern The morning session will also be available on Rumble and Twitch Afternoon Session 3pm to 6:30pm Eastern The morning session will also be available on Rumble and Twitch Support the Evangelical Dark Web It’s not about the money. It’s about supporting the mission in contending for the faith against […]

Rick Warren, Saddleback Church To Fight SBC Disfellowshipping Last month, the Southern Baptist Convention finally disfellowshipped Saddleback Church after a nearly two year struggle following his ordination of women in blatant violation of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, a faith statement drafted to curb egalitarianism in the denomination. Saddleback Church is the most influential church in the Southern Baptist Convention with […]

SBC’s Unify Project: Syncretizing CRT with Lent

Since it is Black History Month, there is no better time for the Southern Baptist Convention to exercise a collective lament to the genuine and perceived racism of the past and present, and because Southern Baptists can never do enough to rectify past grievances, they require a new solution. As perhaps one of few lasting […]

Brent Leatherwood Officially Named Head of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission After a year of serving as the interim president of the Ethics and Religious Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Brent Leatherwood was officially named president of the ERLC, one year after being named interim president. Currently, many Southern Baptist entities are having meetings and convention, and in the ERLC’s annual meeting they voted […]

FSBC Waterford Leaves Southern Baptist Convention

Following the departure of Pueblo West Baptist Church leaving the Southern Baptist Convention, a church in Waterford California announced their exit as well. First Southern Baptist Church Waterford is a church that has always been Southern Baptist. “Tonight at our Business Meeting we voted unanimously to remove ourselves from the Southern Baptist Convention due to […]