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SBC Propagandist Named New Interim Executive Committee President

Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web reported that Willie McLaurin resigned as interim president of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention following the revelation that he lied on his resume. The SBC has since announce McLaurin’s replacement as it continues to search for a long term replacement to Ronnie Floyd who resigned in 2021. Willie McLaurin who evidently may not have been woke enough has been replaced with Jonathan Howe, the EIC over at Baptist Press, an entity run by the SBC Executive Committee.

This is yet another example of the advance of liberalism in the Southern Baptist Convention as Jonathan Howe’s wife. Beth Howe is effectively a pastor at a church that is affiliated with both the Southern Baptist Convention and the heretical Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. As this is one of the many churches in the SBC with female pastors, despite the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, this represents yet another advance of liberals despite the fact that the SBC messengers voted overwhelmingly to pass the Mike Law Amendment banning female pastors. Jonathan Howe’s church, Woodmont Baptist Church would be a candidate for disfellowship if the amendment to the constitution were enacted and enforced.

Additionally as head of Baptist Press, Howe has a documented resume of acting as a propagandist for the convention.

While Willie McLaurin could hardly be considered a conservative, Jonathan Howe represents a downgrade for the Executive Committee whose job is to function as the convention apart from the annual meeting.

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