Why James Merritt is a villain

https://youtu.be/Ni6B6mmnJ4g The former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, James Merritt has become a high level enforcer for the liberal drift of the SBC. At the annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021, James Merritt played a key role in forwarding resolutions which undermined the once theologically conservative denomination. This included a resolution that affirmed the […]

Southern Baptist Convention Receives Breakup Letter From Its Lawyers

https://youtu.be/Y9dOP-tTe1g Ever since the Conservative Resurgence 2.0 was decisively defeated at SBC21, the Southern Baptist Convention’s reputation has sunk, primarily through the scandals of its new President Ed Litton. However, after successfully using the issue of sex abuse as a prop for convention politics, the SBC is now tasked with delivering the outcomes described in […]

Liberal Drift Dominates SBC21: Ed Litton elected President

The heated annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021 concludes the most eventful day with a slew of decisive defeats for the Conservative Resurgence 2.0. All of the anger against Resolution 9 was quickly assuaged when the elites of the SBC gave the messengers the runaround. But the most obvious defeat was the election of Ed […]

The Baptist Biumvirate

There is a debate among discerning Christians as to whether the Southern Baptist Convention can be saved. There are those like the Conservative Baptist Network that think they can save it. Then there are those like JD Hall who have already left the denomination, denouncing it as an irredeemable parachurch organization. While most eyes are […]

Is Mike Stone the SBC21 frontrunner?

With the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021 quickly approaching, the race to become its President is heating up. The race between Al Mohler, Ed Litton, Mike Stone, and Randy Adams is underway. there is a lot of organization heading into this convention. Mike Stone, who is very active with the Conservative Baptist Network, has […]

Russell Moore leaves ERLC for Christianity Today

One of the most notorious liberals in the Southern Baptist Convention is Russell Moore. As head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore has pushed for open borders policies and little else of substance. During a year of unprecedented tyranny, Russell Moore held the cloak of the government as they shut down churches. […]