Bethany Christian Services vs Catholic Social Services: A Clear Contrast

Earlier this week the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia that the government could not refuse working with Catholic Social Services over their refusal to place children under the care of homosexual couples (the way that they had refused). So basically, this was the Jack Phillips case all over again, whereby […]

Supreme Court takes up first abortion case in my lifetime

1992 was the last time the Supreme Court took up a meaningful case on abortion. Since then the court has avoided the issue. Since then pro-life activists finally decided to create laws that challenge Roe v Wade. The law in question is Mississippi’s 15 week abortion ban. And while 15 weeks does not go far […]

There is no recourse to be found in the Supreme Court

Churches only have a finite amount of resources, and hiring lawyers to argue before judges on issues the government has no authority is a poor allocation of those resources. The government has no authority to bar churches from gathering, impose dress codes on congregants, ban singing, or any ordinances prescribed by God. Yet majority of […]

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s closet endorsement of gay marriage

On of the largest faces of Christian Conservative political activism is Jerry Falwell Jr who emerged in the age of Trump by being one of the first evangelical leaders to endorse Donald Trump. Since then he has been one of the most vocal proponents for Trump among Big Eva. Falwell has acquired a fair amount […]