Josh Duggar Finally Held Accountable Criminally: A Warning To The Church A recent verdict came out finding Josh Duggar guilty of two counts: possession and receiving child pornography. And I feel like the church needs to have a brief discussion about that because Josh Duggar has been used to attack Christianity. So, I feel it’s necessary to not only defend the church because I love […]

America’s Three Deadly Sins

Over the last several decades, the idea of American exceptionalism has been eroded as the cultural Marxists have overtaken every institution. The creed GK Chesterton once described American being founded upon has been rejected by the cultural revolution. For the past century, Europe largely descended into the post-Christian and secular nations it remains today. Meanwhile […]

Ed Litton: The Bible Whispers about homosexuality

Two SBC presidents in a row appear to invoke Jen Wilken’s sentiments on homosexuality, that the Bible whispers about sexual sin. Ed Litton would join JD Greear in this sentiment and a sermon on Romans 1 delivers January 27th, 2020. However, the red flag statement that seemed to have set off the tripwires of the […]

David Platt justifies disobedience to Scripture from the pulpit

The man known for his “radical” faith has a radical faith in his head of the church, government. David Platt is daring to touch the passage he deliberately proliferated the disobedience of, Hebrews 10:19-25. During the lockdowns, David Platt was quick to demonstrate his radical faith by shutting down his megachurch over a virus with […]

Polyamory isn’t pursued for noble reasons

It has been said, that polyamory is the next frontier for Biblical sexuality to confront. Though, currently transgenderism and its best friend, pedophilia, are a more omnipresent fight, at least in America, it would not be unwise for pastors to equip themselves to fight the rise of orgy relationship known by the flowery title polyamory. […]

Is sports wagering a sin?

This question was asked on the Steve Deace Show, and Steve firmly presented a case that sports wagering is not a sin. To summarize his reason, sports wagering in and of itself is a speculative market, like the stock market. This would equate betting on an outcome of a sporting event the moral equivalent of […]