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America’s Three Deadly Sins

Over the last several decades, the idea of American exceptionalism has been eroded as the cultural Marxists have overtaken every institution. The creed GK Chesterton once described American being founded upon has been rejected by the cultural revolution. For the past century, Europe largely descended into the post-Christian and secular nations it remains today. Meanwhile the Chinese Communist Party’s ideology was preeminent to their geopolitical rise. Despite this, it is America, a nation with a large faithful remnant, which exports her depravity to the world. Our modern-day Babylon is imploding from its own sins and dragging a more secular world further away from God.

While many contend that God is punishing us for our sins as a nation, the reality is that sin is self-punishing. A totally sovereign God ordains the rise and fall of empires, yet His hands are unnecessary for America to collapse. For this reason, I set out to identify the three deadly sins that are both perpetuating American decline while being exported onto the world.


Doubtless, the secret sin most prevalent in the pews of the church is pornography. The advent of the internet has made such content widely available, infiltrating churches and families, while undermining the masculinity of the culture. Whereas there were previously barriers of access like retail stores and adult theaters, the modern man has no restrictions, not even cost. As a result, 85% of men have been exposed to pornographic content in the past 6 months. For children, the average age of first exposure is 11.

In our collective lack of confrontation, there follows an underestimation to the damage caused by widespread internet porn. Like heroin, pornography functions as a super stimulant in the brain, triggering an intense dopamine release for the user. This euphoria is addictive, hard wiring the brain, possibly permanently, from constant use. Over time, the body builds up a tolerance to the stimulus forcing the user to intensify the content in order to achieve same level of dopamine: a different genre, different kinks, more violent sexual acts, and generally more depraved categories (incest, child, orgy).

The decadence of America has created a generation of weak men, who are continuously pacified through the instant gratification of internet pornography. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the party distributed porn to the proletariats to maintain their power. The normalization of pornography has enslaved the American man. Through coping and rationalization, the sinful habit continues.

The silver lining in this battlefront is that it is likely viewed with shame by the men in the pews. There are no widespread attempts to undermine biblical teaching on this issue—just pervasive inattention. It is imperative that pastors shine a brighter light onto this sin issue, proclaiming that Christ saves from the enslavement of pornography.

H/T: John Doyle’s “How Porn Is Destroying You and Our Country”. At one hour and forty minutes, it is a comprehensive analysis that I would recommend to all.


Fewer movements have effaced away at our culture more than homosexuality. The rapid changes in public attitudes have been trending in a negative direction for decades. What was once called a slippery slope fallacy has turned into the slippery slope reality. Depravity begets depravity. For far too often, the church acquiesced its moral standing through incremental compromises, like “what two consenting adults do is their business.” What happens between two consenting adults never stays in the bedroom. Our existence proves this.

Ever since the Supreme Court, by way of liberal catholic Anthony Kennedy, legislated gay marriage from the bench, the church has been in the minority of the culture. Whereas two thirds of Americans were against gay marriage in the 90’s, the reverse is currently true.

Naturally, the acceptance of one sin opened Pandora’s box to others of sexual nature. Transvestites are now mainstream and celebrated. Children are targeted and confused. MAP’s (minor attracted persons) are a thing now. In our sinful rebellion, we have explored new depths to total depravity, which any other generation would have rightfully denigrated. Identity becomes existence. Pride becomes purpose. The self becomes god.

The subversion within the church has enabled the Rainbow Jihad to succeed in their quest for power. Various Big Eva types have accepted their premises, terminology, pronouns, and identities. They seek not to regenerate but accommodate. They apologize for orthodoxy. No one would tell the porn addict, “your desires aren’t sinful.” They would instinctively quote Matthew 5:28. With homosexuality and its related sins, it is suddenly a “complicated issue” requiring protracted explanations that would make the Greek sophists envious. Did God really say? Yes. He did.

America now exports homosexuality on a global scale, through Hollywood overrepresentation or the pride flags displayed over our embassies. Even Communist China, a secular regime which hates God, understands that sexual depravity corrodes a society. That is why they promote degeneracy in America instead of Beijing.


You shall not give any of your offspring to offer them to Molech, nor shall you profane the name of your God; I am the Lord. (Leviticus 18:21)

It used to be that child sacrifice was performed under the perverse guise of idol worship towards the benefit of the society. Now we abort our children on the altar of convenience to the god of self. People enjoy playing god, to decide who lives and who dies. In aborting their children, who are often conceived in sin, they are basically declaring that the fetus is either not a life, or it does not matter. In essence, moral relativism is the justification (or lack thereof) for abortion.

On a national level, there is no shortage of consequences and rabbit trails we have not explored. Our national death count since Roe v Wade would rival the worst regimes in history at an estimated 62.5 million. This murder, combined with declining fertility, would lead to the decline of any nation, as the population relies upon immigration for growth. The results are self-punishing: fewer taxpayers paying into government programs, unknown human potential murdered, and the general degradation of human life. With the rise of hookup culture and cohabitation, abortion becomes a form of birth control. Out of need for rationalization, there is now a “shout your abortion” movement.

In the American fashion, abortion has become an industry and cultural export. The Science relies heavily on the aborted cells for medical research, including the type of research going on in a certain Wuhan Lab. Men like Francis Collins sponsored its use with government funds, giving profit motive to the abortion industry. Going further, the loose abortion laws in America have been exported to more secular nations where abortion was previously restricted. Mexican courts overruled the state of Coahuila ban on abortion this past year and Ireland just legalized it in 2018. It was not these atheistic, statist regimes who desire to legalize abortion until birth, but the Democrats. In fact, the Mississippi law currently being challenged would only make that state comparable with most European nations.


America’s implosion is spiritual in nature. Europe went secular generations ago, largely settling into their controlled decay because there is no need to demonically blitzkrieg the spiritually dead. America still has a formidable remnant to combat these evils. Against our opposition, they double down in their wickedness, hoping to shake the weak hands from the table. They demand that we embrace their degeneracy and bow at their altars.


We need biblical masculinity to be cultivated and embraced, not placated or rejected. Strong, godly men are necessary to combat societal wickedness. Let that become our chief cultural export unto a pagan, secular world.

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