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Startup funding options: debt financing explained

Assuming debt can make or break a business. In fact, it’s one of the scariest things about taking an idea and turning it into a business. Majority fail. Crippling debt is a well known cause of a failed venture, yet lack of funding is also a cause. There are two ways to view debt. Debt […]

Revisiting: Is Mike Pence to political for church?

I wrote this article for NOQ Report in June 2018 following a speech he gave at SBC. The debate ensuing around that prompted me to write an article on the subject. I want to make it clear that Startup Christ limits is political scope to instances where God’s word is political. As I figure out the scope of […]

Is Startup Christ alone in its mission? Part 1

The internet is vast in the amount of information available. For entrepreneurs there is an abundance of resources. For female entrepreneurs, there’s even more. Pair being female with being a minority and there are an abundance of organizations trying to assist your rise. But what about the person who is following God’s calling by starting […]

Announcement: New Site

In the first year of this, Startup Christ was on the wrong platform which greatly limited the potential of this website for discovery. In order to grow in Year 2, Startup Christ needs to be on the WordPress platform so that its pages and articles can be shared using Jetpack. WordPress has a lot to […]

A Note About Blogging

Every supposed expert on blogging has said the same thing. Consistency is key to gaining any sort of traction. One “expert” even said that 1000 posts is the magic number. Startup Christ isn’t even close to that metric, but in order to get there, I will see to it that many succinct post will be […]

Why the absence?

Startup Christ is a bit of a startup of its own. I went a while without posting or maintaining the site and I feel like the readers should know why. First of all, let me inform you that I am a young married college student working full time. So now that we established that I […]

Christian Entrepreneurship is not the Prosperity Gospel

After writing, the previous post about Joel Osteen, I really want to make sure that there is no confusion between what Startup Christ wants to accomplish and what the prosperity gospel teaches. I don’t think there’s any real confusion however this is a good opportunity to show people who are skeptical about what Startup Christ […]