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Announcement: New Site

In the first year of this, Startup Christ was on the wrong platform which greatly limited the potential of this website for discovery. In order to grow in Year 2, Startup Christ needs to be on the WordPress platform so that its pages and articles can be shared using Jetpack. WordPress has a lot to offer, and it was a mistake to use a cheaper option.

Differences to look forward to


The previous site did not feature ads by parties unaffiliated with Startup Christ. While Becoming Featured serves as a means of advertisement, it is completely free for the time being. We are now advertising because in all reality, this hobby with high growth potential need not continue to be a money pit. A little revenue would go a long way in keeping this afloat.

Social Media

As stated, the primary reason for switching was for social media share-ability. On the previous host, our articles on Twitter would look like random links. People don’t click on those, not without pictures and corresponding graphics at least. We want to draw valuable clicks to the site, not accidental regretful clicks. The new site will allow our content to have a higher share-ability to hopefully reach a broader audience.

On top of that Startup Christ is also getting a Twitter account. Do give it a follow. The goals for the Startup Christ Twitter account will be detailed in a followup post.


Unfortunately, it appears we may not be able to get the webstore back. For all its positives, this is the one drawback. However, if the site can turn a profit via ads, it would lead to a higher package meaning the store could return. Startup Christ previously allowed businesses to embed a Shopify buy button on our platform. We want to do this again.

More Content!

Expect more content and regular content on the new site. This new site will receive a higher level of devotion than the version 1.0. As mentioned before, life happens and was a major impediment to the site. Not anymore, or so we can hope. As a result, there will be more articles, hopefully more businesses, and various forms of content. This will include but will hopefully not be limited to: articles, interviews,  reviews and videos.

Gospel Message

Startup Christ is an unashamed Christian platform. In Year 2 we will increase our focus in spreading the Gospel and making disciples. Coming soon, the website will feature a statement of belief. We will also promote good theology to help Christians understand their faith a little more.


If you’re reading this on a mobile browser, there is a considerable difference compared to how the site was before. This is perhaps the second most valuable change.


For His Glory,

Startup Christ Team


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