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Matt Chandler Returns After Bizarre Leave of Absence After three months of a leave of absence, Matt Chandler returns to preaching on Sunday at The Village Church. In late August, it was announced by the elders of The Village Church and Matt Chandler himself that he would be placed on a leave of absence for an issue that was never publicly explained. […]

Preston Sprinkle: Matt Chandler Simply Violated Billy Graham Rule

Last Sunday, Matt Chandler was publicly placed on a leave of absence for rather unclear reasons. The lack of transparency of the Village Church left many speculating that Matt Chandler committed a sexual sin. However, Preston Sprinkle would come to the defense of Matt Chandler, as he has Chandler speaking at his upcoming conference. Preston […]

How Matt Chandler’s Elders Violated Scripture The announcement that Matt Chandler would be taking a leave of absence following allegedly inappropriate DMs came with little information opening the door to much speculation as to whether or not The Village Church is covering up a deep sin or whether Matt Chandler even sinned at all. However, what is far more clear […]

Matt Chandler Gets MeToo’d, Placed On Leave. In a bizarre development, Matt Chandler has been placed on leave for allegedly inappropriate direct messages with a woman on social media. Matt Chandler was a rising star a number of years ago and held a considerable influence over orthodox Christians. Yet Matt Chandler would go woke. And ultimately many including Evangelical Dark Web […]

Matt Chandler’s Church Settles Sex Abuse Lawsuit Before Matt Chandler went woke, he was one of the most influential young pastors in America. However, aside from his decline in prominence in Evangelical Christianity, one such threat to his sprawling megachurch is a sex abuse allegation against one of his former youth pastors. As we have noticed here at Evangelical Dark Web, […]

Is Matt Chandler a false teacher?

Category 4 Verdict: Matt Chandler has gone off the deep end with his embrace of hyper-charismaticism and the Social Justice Gospel Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. There were multiple requests to look into Matt Chandler, and due to him leading the field of requests, […]