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[Editor’s Note: This is not a freebie. But Enemies Within the Church is a cause we support, and purchasing SAMCon is essentially a donation to a very good cause]

Hosted by the Enemies Within The Church Project
The Conference was held Oct. 18–19, 2019 @
The Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa

Featured Speakers:

Steve Deace

Janet Mefferd

Trevor Loudon

EW Jackson

Cary Gordon

JD Hall

Jon Harris

Phil Haney

Judd Saul

Ray Moore

Jeff Dornik

Michael Hichborn

Sam Jones

About the Conference
There has been a postmodern, leftist takeover within conservative Christianity.
Ungodly, socialist ideas are coming to prominence. These ideas include so-called social justice, intersectionality, critical race theory, and cultural Marxism. But faithful Christians everywhere are taking notice. This conference will bring together those who are fighting back.
We are connecting likeminded folks who understand the issues and are willing to stand against the tide of postmodern ideology that is flooding Christian churches. We don’t have to let this hostile takeover go unchallenged. When we remain true to common sense, biblical Christianity, we will be a preserving force within our churches and nation.

The Battle Is Dire
Leading figures within mainstream Evangelical Christianity are showing themselves again and again to be untrustworthy as shepherds and guardians of the truth.

Christians Are Now Asking:

What can anyone do?

How can the church be protected?

How can the witness of the church be restored?

This conference is designed to bring hope.
There are biblical solutions. Together we will search the Scripture, work to understand the times we are in, and take a bold stand for truth over error.
Be part of the movement of Christians who will take a stand for biblical truth.

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