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Dan Cox and Ray Fava

Losing To Invincible Ignorance

Many of you were aware that I, Ray Fava, the founder of Evangelical Dark Web, ran for local office. I wanted to provide an update. I was not successful in my bid. I finished second out of five candidates getting around 27% of the vote which has not been fully counted because Maryland elections are a joke. Instead a mid-thirties manchild who was the establishment golden boy won.

Going into a race with zero name ID was always going to be my biggest challenge. At least two of my four opponents had high name ID, the most important advantage. But with the unexpectedly low turnout, we were never going to win. We bet on high turnout and lost accordingly. At the top of the ballot, Dan Cox would crush RINO, Kelly Schulz. Michael Peroutka would win the Attorney General Primary with encouraging numbers as well. Dan Cox endorsed me. Michael Peroutka keynoted my first fundraiser. I am happy to support these two candidates and am happy they won so I have someone to vote FOR in November. Although Cox won Carroll County (this could be overturned by the second mail-in ballot canvass. The first mail-in ballot canvas was 2-1 in favor of Schulz.) conservatives where I live did not do so well. Our well organized school board slate finished 4th, 5th, and 6th place. A solid conservative delegate candidate I support is reliant on the votes that have yet to be counted to determine her race for the third delegate seat. Otherwise, in good news, commissioners was likely flipped from a 4-1 RINO majority to a 3-2 conservative majority. The establishment was split on one race, did not have a candidate in another, and looks to be beaten in the third.

At the end of the day, I’m not butthurt. I’m told I did well for a first timer. Additionally, Carroll County needed me more that I need Carroll County. Since, I did not win, it means that God has other plans for me. And so, I will focus more efforts into Evangelical Dark Web, among other projects.

Soli Deo Gloria,


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2 Responses

  1. Ray- I have enjoyed reading all of your posts for I guess over a year now. I am sorry that you did not win, but you are correct in saying that God has a different plan for now. Keep up the good work! God Bless!

  2. “Instead a mid-thirties manchild who was the establishment golden boy won”.
    Welcome to the Republican party, sir.
    At 64, I’ve noticed this trend of “manchildren” and effeminancy more pronounced in recent years, coupled with being a “never told no” validated golden boy/princess phenomena. Like catty girls in a sorority house or petulant children. See it in the workplace, politics, academia, the entertainment industry (no brainer there), some faith communities, really, in about every aspect of modern life.
    Individuals can still vote (I bite my lip until it bleeds at the polls) and support grass roots efforts for gun rights, faith rights (not just for the evangelicals), rights of the unborn, and upholding marriage and based traditional values.

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