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Christological Heresy: The Holy Post Podcast Claims Risen Jesus Was Disabled

The Holy Post is a liberal Evangelical podcast founded by Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani. In an episode that aired last week, the woke podcast raised disability status as a victimhood group under the framing of Cultural Marxism. Guest, Amy Kenny explained how she believed that the risen Christ was disabled.

On the surface this is a pretty weak claim, and the entire basis for this claim is that the risen body of Christ had the marks of the crucifixion. But there is no common understanding that insists scars are a disability. Moreover, because the crucifixion was the role that the Son served, the marks of the crucifixion being on the risen, glorified body of Christ makes sense. We should not expect, as believers our risen bodies to have the defects that ail us in life. Amy Kenny appears to disagree stating that Jesus chose a disabled form to be resurrected as.

In making the ridiculous claim that the resurrected body of Christ was disabled, Amy Kenny and the Holy Post, in promoting this view, are morphing Christ into their own image to fit their own agenda. This agenda is a woke intersectional one. Standpoint epistemology is made explicitly clear in the video when they talk about the need for different experiences in order to understand the text rather than using Scripture to interpret Scripture or original languages, genre, context, etc.

In doing so she demonstrates that she reads disability into all sorts of passages, even claiming that Christ healing the blind man made his life worse off because of the social awkwardness of being able to see all the sudden.

The Holy Post podcast is a much larger operation than their 60,000 subs on YouTube would let on, having over 3600 patrons supporting their content at minimum least $5/month.

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