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Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder To Leave Blaze Media

On December 15, 2022, Steven Crowder began his show with his announced departure from TheBlaze, which he has been party to since the merger with CRTV. Crowder described that the announcement was a long time coming and that while he would have liked for it to have been a joint statement with TheBlaze, he went forward with his announcement on his final live broadcast of 2022. Crowder proceeded to ask his guests to sign up to his new site to be on their email list to be informed of when/where/how he will relaunch his show sometime in 2023.

Contrary to the rumors and speculation, there was no announcement pertaining to where he would be relocating or whether he would be specifically joining The Daily Wire, which is a $150 million business that is more centralized than TheBlaze.

As with most divorces, it is about the money. The conundrum on both parties is that Crowder has for years served as the Customer Acquisition for TheBlaze, attracting younger audiences with his Mug Club who then stick around for the additional content. This formula has garnered 300K premium subscribers, according to Crowder. According to Axios, BlazeTV had approximately 450K subscribers in 2020. Regardless of whatever growth transpired in the past two years, this would indicate that a substantial amount of subscribers would be brought in by Crowder. Using their average of $102 per subscriber, Crowders top line contribution could be upwards of $30 million. Crowder has claimed that he is willing to take a loan to ensure his subs are not screwed over in the transition from BlazeTV.

Whereas Crowder’s team likely alleged that he should be granted a larger share of the pie, TheBlaze likely countered as the platform provider and perhaps had grievances against his work ethic (he takes entire months off and is routinely tardy) and lack of integration/collaboration within the ecosystem, as Crowder’s show is self-contained with little crossover. Going back to money, BlazeMedia was probably leveraging the fact that he sells MugClub annually yet takes off 2 months and does not work Fridays. Meanwhile TheBlaze has been preparing Prime Time Alex Stein as perhaps Crowder’s replacement in recent months, while launching a new show hosted by Auron MacIntyre. Steve Deace has also been extended another 3 years and Elijah Schaffer was terminated in what has been a year of shakeup within the right leaning network.

Like Lamar Jackson, Steven Crowder has elected to bet on himself. Whether his free agency gambit will succeed remains to be seen. 

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