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Joel Berry

Babylon Bee Editor Supports Replacement Theory?

The Babylon Bee has been a tremendous force in politics and culture, climaxing with being a primary driver of Elon Musk buying Twitter. So you would think that the people behind the Bee would have a firm grasp on culture, which for the most part they do. Last week, Joel Berry got serious for a moment to get the right wing to support using Replacement Theory to our advantage in order to save America.

There are numerous flaws in this argument which is why this opinion is unpopular. First, the Republican Party adopted this messaging as their “lesson” from Mitt Romney’s embarrassing 2012 defeat. It didn’t work. Instead, Donald Trump won over more Hispanics with vitriolic immigration rhetoric. Soft on immigration doesn’t win Hispanics to Republicans or conservatism.

Secondly, he assumes the Christianity of these people and therefore social conservatism. This too has issues, as Liberation Theology and Marxism have long contested in Latin American churches. Pope Francis, a Marxist Jesuit, is a testament to this fact. So this is to suggest that these replacements will not be as Christian as Berry suggests.

Thirdly, foreigners serving in an increasingly woke military is a bad idea. Picture the movie Red Dawn, except the Nicaraguans are occupying America in American military uniforms. With the direction of the federal government starving the military of recruits, replacements would not encourage the military to change direction.

In response to the backlash, Joel Berry went full Prager U and claimed that Western Civilization was built by Greeks and Jews. This too is incorrect. As not only are Greeks European, it was Christians using Greco-Roman infrastructure who built Western Civilization. Jews don’t proselytize, whereas Christians evangelized the Roman Empire using the infrastructure it created. Western Civilization is built on Christianity.

Replacement Theory has long been a strategy to replace domestic population with a loyal voting bloc. It’s been used in America as well as Europe and Canada without fail. It’s not a strategy we can employ successfully for a few reasons. First, the people we probably want for reinforcements, en masse are fighting to make their own countries better. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, conservatism in America is largely dependent on the American context. People who lack America’s distinct heritage are not going to be as quick to defend it.

For every based Lauren Chen we bring over from Canada, how many Jordan Petersons will come over also. Jordan Peterson was recently advocating regime change in Iran out of his support for feminism.

So even among English speaking countries, Replacement THeory would work against us. If we want to change the trajectory of our culture, we need to tip the demographics in our favor and there’s two primary ways to do that.

We preach the gospel, baptizing new believers and discipling them. Saving souls is more important than saving the country, not that both can’t be done.

And we make more babies. The Liberal Dilemma will create a massive population shortage on the left that can only be countered by public education and Replacement Theory.

Therefore, let’s not send our children to public schools if at all possible, and let’s not join the liberals in replacing our native population.


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  1. You nailed it with Liberation Theology which is a Jesuit tactic to simply Catholicize America.

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