Prosperity Preacher Mike Todd lands movie deal for Relationship Goals Perhaps the most viral pastor in the United State is Mike Todd from Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2020, he published a bestselling book, Relationship Goals based on a viral sermon series he did years prior. Todd’s knack for taking years old jokes and repackaging them paid off will Relationship Goals. In a more […]

Bianca Olthoff reads Bible like Cardi B

There are very few limitations to who is allowed to speak at America’s largest protestant church. Life.Church is America’s largest woke church, and it is helmed by false teacher, Craig Groeschel. Bianca Olthoff is a run in the mill Prosperity Gospel preacher. She came to Craig Groeschel’s church to preach the Jesus is your boyfriend […]

Evangelical Dark Web Celebrates 1 Year

One year ago, I unveiled the Evangelical Dark Web in a post I wrote articulating the mission of this site and ministry as a whole. Over the last year, the site has grown tremendously, thank to the faithful readers and because of the strategy employed. And so I feel it fitting on this celebratory occasion […]

Is Brian Houston a false teacher?

Category 4 Verdict: Brian Houston propagates the Prosperity Gospel as well as the Popularity Gospel Background Brian Houston is the founder and current leader of Hillsong. He is the face of Big Eva in the Australian continent, but his influence is far from limited to just down under. His church is a massive worldwide organization […]

Carnal marketing attracts carnal men

In this video, we see Hillsong’s promotional video for their 2019 Christmas special in London. By no means could one gather from this that a church is putting on this concert. The promo features mediocre secular Christmas music and effeminate males. Salt and Light does an excellent job of counting what is in the video, […]