John MacArthur has pending $800K settlement with California over lockdowns Over a year ago, the legal battle between Grace Community Church and California was raging. And now, the conclusion will determine how much the state will have to pay the church in a settlement for violating their God -given right to freely worship. It’s a conditional surrender that punishes the evildoers in local and […]

Top 5 reasons why Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner is a terrible candidate for governor

America went from a reality TV star in the White House to a a man riddled with dementia wearing masks to a virtual meeting. But if national politics is not enough of an embarrassment, the California recall effort may soon be the latest subversion of a meaningful political effort. The campaign to recall Gavin Newsom […]

Paving a greener California, $40000/mile at a time.

Many weird ideas come out of California. Painting roads a lighter color to reduce heat in order to combat global warming is a new one. It is well known that paved surfaces are hotter that natural surfaces. So consequentially cities create heat islands through urban sprawl. Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, is a vocal critic […]