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Gay Cathedral

Woke San Francisco cathedral mandates vaccines and masks

It’s no secret that Episcopalian churches are more pagan than Catholics and even Mormons. And with coronavirus, their paganism found a renewed purpose. Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, California is the latest in a series of churches being exposed for their embrace of Branch Covidianism. The popular venue and tourist destination is as woke as everything else in San Francisco. In addition to promoting Critical Race Theory and homosexuality, they also promote gun confiscation. And unsurprisingly this woke church is also full Branch Covidian. Grace Cathedral is open only for the vaccinated cultists.

Like the United Methodists of the Seattle area, these Branch Covidians are going beyond the government medical apartheid measures being implemented. The San Francisco apartheid does not apply to churches. Additionally, these facilities are not under a mask mandate. But in order to go to yoga at Grace Cathedral, you’ll need to show your papers, wear a mask, and social distance.

While this news is unsurprising, it makes churches like JD Greear’s Summit Church all that more worse that they have more in common with Episcopalians than grassroots Baptist churches when it comes to Branch Covidianism.

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    1. Semantics I suppose, as I said more pagan. I do believe there are pagan elements to the Vatican. It’s a spectrum.

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