Tim Keller Promotes Biblical Critical Theory

https://youtu.be/mMEjSsKfcMc Tim Keller is renown for having a rather cryptic social media presence. In an instance of not speaking in riddles, Tim Keller came out and promoted Chris Watkin’s lecture on “developing a biblical critical theory.” The most obvious critique is that putting the word “biblical” in front of something that is not biblical is […]

Chinese Cartoon Promotes CRT to Children

https://youtu.be/Y6x8ZaqKgOU In should come as no surprise that the ChiComs have a vested interest in propagating Critical Race Theory here in the United States. The obvious irony to point out is that China is arguably one of the most racist countries on earth. And while Critical Race Theory breeds prejudice, China is perfectly fine disliking […]

Tim Keller defends Critical Theory (Cultural Marxism)

Tim Keller was a Marxist long before Critical Theory grabbed ahold of the church. This is, in part, because he has been instrumental in the long march through the institutions, specifically the remaining institutions that did not adopt modernism. Usually on Twitter, Keller has vague tweets, but on February 19th, Tim Keller tweeted a nod […]

John Piper defends Critical Race Theory Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed how John Piper treats Critical Race Theory as an abstract academic philosophy that is not actively being taught in churches. Therefore, Piper argues it is slanderous to use Critical Race Theory in the pejorative against a teacher teaching this ideology. I argue that Piper’s Part 1 was designed to combat […]

The Pagans lost their intellectual heavyweight. Now what?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a tyrant and wrong on every significant issue. But make no mistake, she was highly intelligent and certainly a worthy rival for the soul of a nation. But what will become in the wake of her demise. In truth, the pagans loved the Notorious RBG, but how many could articulate her […]

Al Mohler’s Stunning Lack of Self-Awareness

In the largest protestant denomination in America, Al Mohler is undoubtedly the most powerful figure in said institution. Sitting as President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, his influence carries much weight in the ecclesiastical affairs of the Southern Baptist Convention. The grave threat, perhaps greater than the theological liberalism that necessitated the Conservative Resurgence, of […]