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Al Mohler’s Stunning Lack of Self-Awareness

In the largest protestant denomination in America, Al Mohler is undoubtedly the most powerful figure in said institution. Sitting as President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, his influence carries much weight in the ecclesiastical affairs of the Southern Baptist Convention. The grave threat, perhaps greater than the theological liberalism that necessitated the Conservative Resurgence, of the Social Justice Gospel has made great inroads with evangelical Christianity in America. Al Mohler is routinely criticized for allowing this infiltration. On September 2nd, Al Mohler had James Lindsay on his “Thinking In Public” podcast to discuss Critical Theory and Intersectionality.

Though James Lindsay is undoubtedly a subject matter expert, he is an atheist, though one who can articulate Christian beliefs well. This raised questions about Al Mohler’s reticence to discuss this issue with orthodox Southern Baptists who are also experts on this issue, such as Tom Ascol. James Lindsay has also not been shy about criticizing the Southern Baptist Convention’s embrace of Cultural Marxism.

The podcast itself is rather informative, mostly as Jame Lindsay articulates historic advance of this movement. But there are a few instances I wanted to highlight. The first was a possible reference to Critical Race Theory being promoted by the Southern Baptist Convention as an analytical tool. It’s not certain that James Lindsay was referencing Resolution 9 specifically, but Al Mohler had no disagreements about Lindsay’s point about the inability to compromise with the ideology.

The second clip I show is James Lindsay talking about how institutions that embrace Critical Theory lose all their credibility in a short period of time. Whether this is a pointed statement is less clear than the last. Nonetheless Al Mohler nods along in agreement before talking about corporate diversity trainers. Mohler then asks how you can stop the infiltration. James Lindsay has a good answer for that, but the point I wanted to focus on was that Al Mohler has actively employed Critical Race Theorist. He has fired professors who opposed this movement, like Dr. Russell Fuller. Russell Fuller would then blow the whistle naming names of professors such at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary who have all taught or written dissertations using Critical Theory and Intersectionality. The video contains a clip of Matthew Hall espousing Critical Race Theory.

As Critical Theory becomes more pervasive in society, and increasingly threatening to the spiritual well-being of the nation as a whole, it is necessary to take a more combative stance against this neo-Marxist movement. Al Mohler has consistently been double-minded, condemning it whilst incubating it. Things will not change as long as he is permitted to lack such self-awareness in the public discourse.


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