Why Christian Taliban is a powerless insult

https://youtu.be/s4QJW7IaxLc At the moment, the word Nazi is out of style in favor of comparing Christians to the Taliban following both their successful blitzkrieg reconquest of Afghanistan and the enactment of a heartbeat personhood bill into law in Texas. While  The Taliban were a worthy adversary Islam and Christendom have been at odds for several centuries on […]

Why Christians prefer originalist judges on the Supreme Court

One of the core constituencies of Donald Trump’s political base are Evangelicals. Many have pondered why that is. A common answer to this question that Trump will appoint origninalist judges to the Supreme Court. Indeed the Supreme Court has been a priority for many Evangelical voters, and one of the few issues the Republican Party […]

DarkLinks 29: Trump’s March For Life Speech

President Trump became the first active President to give a live speech at March For Life, an annual protest of Roe v Wade. The speech was theological while coming from someone who is not believed to be a Christian and surrounds himself with a false teacher. Part of being culturally relevant is confronting when a […]