Glenn Youngkin Delivers Early for the Grassroots

Despite being Mitt Romney on paper and a socially liberal, pro-CRT, consultant class candidate, the early innings of Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial administration have yielded the grassroots several early gains. Even though he is following the mandate his voters gave him, this is a shocking win for Conservatives, especially since Youngkin, two weeks after his victory, […]

Grassroots Evangelicals are the reason Glenn Youngkin won

This is not the column I thought I would be writing. Back in April of 2021. Evangelical Dark Web published a DarkLink that exposed Glenn Youngkin as a Woke Evangelical running for governor as a Rerpublican, predicated on the work of other ally ministries. Today he is the governor-elect of Virginia after running an anti-woke campaign […]

Glenn Youngkin Exposed | DarkLinks 43

Editor’s note: Evangelical Dark Web has not done a DarkLinks since October. It was decided that this was the best format to explain this story while also providing original commentary. There are no shortages of frauds in the Republican Party. There are not many states with a party so dedicated to self-sabotage than the Republican […]