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Greg Locke’s Church Vandalized With Burnt Bibles

During the early morning of Resurrection Sunday at Greg Locke‚Äôs Global Vision Bible Church, an individual set a trailer of bibles ablaze in the parking lot. On Facebook, Greg Locke stated the following: Happy Resurrection Sunday. This morning at 6:00AM our security cameras caught a man dropping off a trailer in the middle of the […]

Greg Locke’s Repentance Includes Aligning With Benny Hinn

Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported that Greg Locke publicly repented of being too political to the detriment of his witness and took actionable steps by deleting thousands of videos that amassed billions of views. It seemed strange as Locke said that he doesn’t disagree with what was in those videos. Nonetheless, Greg Locke has […]

Greg Locke Repents Of Being Too Political, Deletes Thousands Of Videos

Greg Locke is one of the most controversial pastors in America and deservedly so. Having gone viral in 2015 for opposing Target’s transgender bathrooms, he became known as the Trump pastor who has appeared on Fox News and CNN. He’s also known for a nasty divorce in which he remarried his church’s secretary. In a […]

Discussing John MacArthur, building Christian platforms, and Trump with Jeff Dornik

In the third interview for Evangelical Dark Web, I interviewed my most controversial guest yet, Jeff Dornik. But despite the hate he may receive from Twitter mobs, I consider Jeff a reliable ally in both the fight against the Social Justice Gospel and for political conservatism. Jeff is someone I have watched and learned from […]

The other side: Jeff Dornik on Greg Locke at Destroy Social Justice

The Evangelical Dark Web is a mission based platform founded to specialize in combating three major heresies infiltrating the church. We support a decentralized grassroots movement of pastors and laity to combat the three false gospels. The Social Justice Gospel is a cause against where we have many allies. The Gatekeepers Podcast Network, whose work […]

DarkLinks 34: Frustrating setbacks within orthodox evangelicalism

I must lament some the frustration I have with certain things that are going on. Following great strides like a grassroots orthodox organization within the Southern Baptist Convention, the Conservative Baptist Network, it would be nice to capitalize on this strengthened organization, but alas, the theme of this edition of DarkLinks is one highlighting numerous […]