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Michael Knowles He Gets Us, Super Bowl, Putin Interview In this livestream, we go over Michael Knowles defending He Gets Us, as previously discussed. We also get into the Hallow commercial featuring Mark Wahlberg and Jonathan Roumie. Does Jonathan Roumie undermine an otherwise innocuous ad? Lastly we discuss the Putin Tucker interview from last week. Powered by RedCircle Support the Evangelical Dark Web […]

Refuting Michael Knowles’s Defense of He Gets Us

Last year, many learned who and what He Gets Us is following their initial $20 million investment in Superbowl Ads. Their inaugural Superbowl commercial predominantly led many to question the wisdom of this lavish expense for such a vapid “hippie Jesus” message. This year, He Gets Us returned to the Superbowl, and the content of […]

Christian YouTuber Fixes He Gets Us Commercial The He Gets Us campaign has been controversial from its very inception and for good reasons. The woke vapid presentations of Jesus generally fail to resonate. One Christian YouTuber decided to fix the minute long commercial from the Super Bowl to make it compelling. His name is Jamie Bambrick, and his channel has just […]

Under New Management: He Gets Us Attacks Christians In Woke Super Bowl Ad

One of the most talked about Super Bowl commercials appears to be the one from the He Gets Us campaign. The company ran two ads last year and decided to upgrade from stock images in black and white to AI images. Yet the messaging went from vapid to one far more subversive and hostile to […]

Max Lucado and the He Gets Us Campaign One of the most overlooked aspects of both the He Gets Us Campaign and The Chosen is the Big Eva industry working behind the scenes to fund and market products that ultimately put out a substandard Jesus. The He Gets Us Campaign seemingly came out of nowhere with the ability to put up the […]

The Shady Business Practices of Dallas Jenkins and The Chosen

Dallas Jenkins has been on the defensive over allowing pride flags on his set of The Chosen, a show that dubiously claims to depict the “authentic Jesus.” On Sunday, Dallas Jenkins released a video explaining his position in allowing pride flags on his set. In that video he insisted that The Chosen was not a […]

The ‘He Gets Us’ Woke Jesus Wasn’t Woke Enough And Never Will Be It’s amazing how many liberals saved their outrage for the He Gets Us commercials which aired during the Super Bowl. Last week, Evangelical Dark Web exposed the groups behind He Gets Us, which included David Green of Hobby Lobby and Signatry. Ironic as it may seem, David Green would partner with a pro-abortion firm […]

He Gets Us Exposed: The Money and Marketing behind the $20 Million SuperBowl Ads While watching or attending sporting events in America, the people have become exposed to the He Gets Us campaign. Whether via commercials or through stadium advertising, messages about Jesus are presented in the most trifling manner with banal statements like “Jesus left it all on the field” to more unscriptural statements like “Jesus was […]

Kevin Ezell Backs Down From Supporting He Gets Us Campaign

As head of the North American Mission Board, Kevin Ezell has been kingmaker in the Southern Baptist Convention. He helped JD Greear, Ed Litton, and Bart Barber all become presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention to ignore the decline in missional effectiveness of the North American Mission Board. Yesterday, NAMB announced in partnership with Ed […]

He Gets Us Campaign: Does Not Matter If Jesus Lived A Perfect Life The He Gets Us Campaign is the brain fart of Big Eva institutions with more money than sense. Over $100 million has been spent on a media campaign to make Jesus relatable with vacuous short videos. The result is dismal engagement, hardly any subscribers, and a lot of money down the drain. Yet since […]