JD Hall publishes best COVID vaccine religious exemption

After Joe Biden’s planned vaccine mandate announcement for all federal contractors and all businesses with over 100 employees, the need to focus more on this front has increased. Most religious exemptions have thus far focused on the abortion connection between these COVID vaccines and the fetal cell lines used to either create or test the […]

Big Eva silent as immigration agenda they supported creates massive crisis

Big Eva spent a considerable amount of time soothing the conscience of Joe Biden voters prior to the election. The Gospel Coalition, the ERLC, John Piper, David Platt, JD Greear, and a host of others participated in a campaign to convince Christians that mean tweets are more important than actual policies. John Piper articulated that […]

“Pro-Life” Evangelicals For Biden immediately regrets their decision

The words “we told you so” are insufficient for the most prominent Biden “Christian” voters who have apparently regretted their decision very early into his reign. Back when I first heard about the Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden, I would have thought this was a massive interference operation with perhaps less pederasty than the Lincoln Project. […]

Biden reignites White House religious outreach program to advance Cultural Marxism

Among the executive orders of the Biden Regency was the reestablishment of a religious outreach office created first by Bush II. The organization is a bit of a political football. The Trump Administration largely mothballed the organization until Trump tapped renown heretic, Paula White, to lead it in 2019. A recent Biden executive order reclaimed […]

America is China’s vassal now

The Biden Regency has assumed power over the United States. Trump exits with a whimper while the Biden Regency unveils multiple first-day executive orders that undermine America’s sovereignty. With Joe Biden’s obvious dementia and malleable policy proposals, there is clear reason to believe that Joe Biden will not actually be the one running the United […]

Biden’s character already being used to spread wickedness

John Piper’s famous article where he argued that President Donald Trump’s character would do irreparable damage to the nation was rebutted by renowned theologian Wayne Grudem who argued that no one is committing adultery and crediting it to Trump making it more acceptable or no one is becoming more arrogant citing Trump’s behavior as a […]

Is Trump’s character really the issue?

One of the most unique objections to Donald Trump is that his character is irreconcilable when it comes to the question of voting for him. This objection was recently renewed with John Piper and was one of the primary concerns of the “Never Trump” movement in 2016. But is this a real standard that people […]

John Piper Soothes Conscience of Biden Voters

There is no shortage of articles that attempt to sooth the conscience of Biden voters from major evangelical figures. But some are more impactful than others and John Piper of Desiring God would be one of those cases. But the quality of work John Piper does is reconciling his arguments with Scripture is the quality […]

Why it is immoral to vote for Joe Biden

After my satirical The Christian Case For Joe Biden 2020, it becomes necessary to give this topic a more serious confrontation. When every political issue is to some degree a moral issue, the issue of voting in general is also a moral issue. Christians have often argued for the application of Christian Liberty on political […]

The Christian Case for Joe Biden 2020

We’re no strangers to love You know the rules and so do IA full commitment’s what I’m thinking ofYou wouldn’t get this from any other guyI just wanna tell you how I’m feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you upNever gonna let you downNever gonna run around and desert youNever gonna make you […]