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Women Poll April 2022

Are American Women More Demonic Than Ever?

The election year of 2022 is shaping up to see Republican gains in many areas, but one growing demographic seems to be the future of the Democrat Party: white women with college degrees. An NBC Poll compared to a study of the 2018 election breaks down major shifts in men and women. Where men have overwhelmingly shifted to the right on a generic congressional ballot, women with degrees are moving to the left.

Women with no degrees represent a swing demographic in this poll, as men with degrees have already swung considerably.

The NBC findings hold when looking at Joe Biden’s approval rating where white women with college degrees have significantly more favorable assessments of Biden’s performance than women without degrees. In the video above, I examined a Marist poll when Biden was at his lowest and a YouGov poll that is recent with a breakdown.

There are multiple answers as to why. There is major disparity between single and married women that is not captured by this poll. Fewer people are getting married, so single women are a larger demographic than before. Additionally this shows the indoctrination of colleges and public education as well. Both these explanations line up with the Bibles teaching about both marriage and gender roles.

A point of order that must be pointed out is that the suburban wannabe megachurches that are everywhere in this country are designed for women. Pastors like Levi Lusko and Sadie Robertson Huff heavily target women with their vacuous messages. Yet despite all of this (seeker-friendly) effort, the women in our society grow more liberal, whilst the men are starting to turn the other direction.

In my post 2020 election article, “The real political realignment is masculinity vs effeminacy,” I concluded with this:

But with Trump we see that political bases are mercurial by nature. The Trump bravado that alienates white women attracts black and Hispanic men. Why? Because unless you’re a David French type, men recognize that their are more important things than mean Tweets.

The culture is rife with division, ultimately a division not according to gender, but a division on what it is and means to be a man or a woman. The Satanic side that promotes transgenderism also wants to emasculate men and destroy the femininity of women. The other side does not. It’s composed of men who want to be men and women who want to be women. And for men, the choice to be on the side of masculinity is not only a moral obligation but a means of self preservation against a culture that seeks to emasculate you.

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  1. “…suburban wannabe megachurches that are everywhere in this country are designed for women”.
    This is exactly one of the many reasons that my Eastern Orthodox parish (I’m 64 and a late in life convert from the SBC) as well as many other parishes in other Orthodox jurisdictions across the country, have seen a mass influx of disaffected evangelical men, mostly young millennial and Gen Z men, the past 1-2 years coming into Orthodoxy. The feminization of evangelical churches is alienating and running off men, and this is especially true with young men.

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