Whistleblower details corruption at McLean Bible Church

The corruption within McLean Bible Church has been under a lot of scrutiny this past year, and many rumors have circulated about their financial and numerical state. Salvador Cordova, a congregant and whistleblower, has done yeoman’s work exposing the corruption within David Platt’s megachurch including recording multiple videos that would later go viral. From lawsuits […]

David Platt and Southern Baptist Cronyism

It would seem that the shenanigan’s of David Platt at McLean Bible Church are far from over, as he closes in on retaining hegemony over this strategic megachurch. But among the issues is Platt’s apparent lying about his church not being a member of the Southern Baptist Convention which is provably false. Evidently, they believe […]

David Platt’s Church Gets Sued By Own Members

David Platt is one of the most prominent pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention. The Big Eva golden boy finished his tenure at heading the International Mission Board to take a job at a megachurch in Northern Virginia. Since then the church has been in disarray that has climaxed in recent weeks. On July 15th […]