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Pearl Davis vs The Prodigal Daughter

A few weeks ago, Evangelical Dark Web covered the OnlyFans ethot turned Christian debating the merits and reasons to be skeptical of her sincerity. Recently, Nala (which is a stage name) appeared on Michael Knowles for an in-depth interview. Blaming Parents Nala is quick to liken herself to the Prodigal Son and is miffed that […]

Matt Walsh vs Pearl Davis On Marriage The Manosphere has long been critical of marriage and multiple players in the game have advocated sowing wild oats like Andrew Tate and Rollo Tomassi. Pearl Davis is perhaps more nuanced catering to a class of people blackpilled on marriage and women and people pursuing traditional lifestyle. Last week, a lot of beef happened […]

Red Pill vs. Christ Pill: Evaluating the Harm of Rollo Tomassi, Pearly Things In recent years, the “Red-Pill” movement has arisen with its influencers growing massive followers through reactionary content that identifies the pitfalls of Feminism and modernity to a lost generation. The term plays off the Matrix red-pill vs. blue-pill dynamic of one awakening to the realization of modern modernity, particularly within the relationship context. It […]

Discussing Dating With Bible Bashed Podcast The Bible Bashed Podcast has made a lot of waves on Twitter asking questions that are not allowed to be asked, and I invited them on to Evangelical Dark Web to answer for their provocations. And so we discuss dating in the midst of online controversies surrounding the topic. We discuss height and income […]