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Matt Walsh vs Pearl Davis On Marriage

The Manosphere has long been critical of marriage and multiple players in the game have advocated sowing wild oats like Andrew Tate and Rollo Tomassi. Pearl Davis is perhaps more nuanced catering to a class of people blackpilled on marriage and women and people pursuing traditional lifestyle. Last week, a lot of beef happened between the prominent YouTube and multiple Daily Wire staffers, most notably Matt Walsh over her comments on marriage.

In summary, Pearl Davis advocates caution on marriage because of the divorce court system heavily skews in favor towards women. Yet ultimately, Pearl Davis serves as a blackpill on marriage citing the exaggerated 50% divorce statistic, to say that the risk of divorce outweighs the benefits of marriage.

Matt Walsh pushed back on this, and while Pearl Davis complains about the Daily Wire getting personal rather than addressing her arguments, Pearly Things brings Matt Walsh’s marriage into this.

Apparently the fact that Matt Walsh is relatively new to the bigtime money in Conservative Inc (compared to say Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, or Mark Levin) is lost on Davis who attempts to cite Matt Walsh’s personal wealth.

Pearl Davis responds to critics pointing out her lack of statistical understanding by pointing to a line chart that undermines her points. The decline in marriage rates can easily be correlated and perhaps causal to the a decrease in happiness and satisfaction, as we know married people live longer and are happier.

But it’s not just the risk of divorce that’s too great. Pearl Davis retweeted Laura Loomer repeating that she would not get married or have children if Trump does not win in 2024. This too is grossly unbiblical, which is unsurprising from Loomer, a pagan.

Ultimately, Matt Walsh is right. Pearl Davis is coming to many conclusions as feminists, which is the result of her obvious clout chasing. 

Peal Davis is not trying to have a discussion on family court reform. She does not consider whether men should sign prenups with women who have high body counts to mitigate the risk of divorce. She jumps straight to the provocative fearmongering about marriage because that’s what will benefit the media career she transparently admits she’s seeking.

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2 Responses

  1. Ok Ray, so it’s 39% not 50%… but how many separations that have not become “official” divorces. And this because many cannot afford the cost and time of going through the punishment. Because after all, the family law court process is the punishment. And even all the ”tough guy” pastors end up encouraging and emotionally subsidizing women to divorce. And how many marriages wherein the “woman” rules over the man as Doug Wilson effectively asserts as the correct arrangement?

    1. I think Doug Wilson is pretty good but I know he has said some batty things such as that husbands are responsible for their wives’ sins. I know that evangelical pastors typically twist their teaching on the subject of marriage to make the wife the head and the husband the subordinate. Could you tell me just what Doug Wilson has said along these lines? And if you could give me some idea of where he said it so that I could find it for myself I would appreciate that.

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