The real fight to be had is not halftime shows

The Super Bowl seemed to have occupied much of our ally publications. So let’s take the time to give our take on that. Yes, it is distasteful to have children on stage next to pole dancers. And despite the hypersexualization, it wasn’t really a sexy or well done show. It will get remembered but not […]

Is sports wagering a sin?

This question was asked on the Steve Deace Show, and Steve firmly presented a case that sports wagering is not a sin. To summarize his reason, sports wagering in and of itself is a speculative market, like the stock market. This would equate betting on an outcome of a sporting event the moral equivalent of […]

Watch: Nick Foles praise God, condemn Prosperity Gospel

[wpvideo mZSYchhB] This man gets it. This is Philippians chapter 4 in action. And then he condemns the Prosperity Gospel, cementing our confidence that he understands that which he is living by. It’s easy to praise God when you are on the top of the world, as he was when he won the Superbowl and […]

AAF suspends football operations, demise immanent

The Alliance of American Football debuted after the Superbowl and beat out the NBA in ratings. The start featured many aspects of what the NFL should have already been doing with regards to transparency in officiating. Several weeks ago Tom Dundon became majority owner of the AAF after investing $250 million into the league. It […]

Cleveland PD, not Kansas City Chiefs, in the wrong over Kareem Hunt

The NFL was plagued by its latest woman beating scandal, this time involving star running back Kareem Hunt. TMZ obtained a video of an incident back in February where Kareem Hunt┬ástruck a woman. The video is damning. It shows Kareem Hunt rampaging to attack this woman and being restrained by his entourage. He then manages […]

Brock Lesnar fiasco hurts UFC brand

For those who don’t already know, the WWE isn’t real. It’s simulated wrestling. The UFC has built a reputation of being a real combat sport. While the devoted fanbases of WWE and UFC aren’t mutually exclusive, the reasons for watching either are entirely different. WWE is built of theatrics and a predictable unpredictability. The UFC […]

NBA players choose collusion over competition

In every other sports league, there is competition among the franchises. The NFL has new teams rising and falling every year. Baseball is a whole new season, come October. The NHL playoffs are perhaps the most exciting competition in all of sports. In college basketball, a 16 beat a 1. Yet in opposition to its […]