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AAF suspends football operations, demise immanent

The Alliance of American Football debuted after the Superbowl and beat out the NBA in ratings. The start featured many aspects of what the NFL should have already been doing with regards to transparency in officiating. Several weeks ago Tom Dundon became majority owner of the AAF after investing $250 million into the league. It appears as though the investment deal came with the ability to pull funding and this option has been enacted.

Pro Football Talk reports:

Last night, a source told PFT that the AAF needed roughly $20 million to get to the end of its first season. Instead, the season will end with two weeks left in the regular season, and with a four-team postseason that never comes to fruition.


Perhaps the hot take will have to be put on ice for the time being. There is a lot to explore with the failure of a business venture I have been following since the day it announced. For the league to suspend operations, the odds of a comeback have plummeted. The demand for more professional football exists and whether this is a petty feud between owners or a gaping hole in the business plan is still at the opinion of pundits everywhere. However, my preliminary analysis of the situation would say that the Alliance of American Football squandered the demand for more football by sinking too much money into an app that does not enhance the experience of the league and basing operations in the ultra expensive Silicon Valley.

Originally published on NOQ Report


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