Debunking Michael Bird’s Pro-Abortion Evangelicalism Michael Bird is perhaps the closest thing Australia has to a Russell Moore. With international influence and some mainstream clout, Bird is a major Big Eva figure in the academic circles of Australia. Nearly two months after Roe v Wade was officially overturned in the Dobbs Decision, Michael Bird chimed in with his nuanced […]

Podcast: Discussing Eternity News, International Big Eva. Guest: The Other Paul The Other Paul returns to lead the conversation about Eternity News, the most prominent Big Eva site down under. In the last conversation we had, Paul gave us the rundown of what it’s like in Australia and the state of its church. That is where the conversation begins today as he reports a more […]

State of the church Australia

Evangelical Dark We In the ninth Evangelical Dark Web livestream, we get insight on the church in Australia from a local perspective. tackling heavy topics like lockdowns, Australia’s political climate, the pro-life movement, and Brian Houston. All of these things provide much insight into the church in Australia. Essentially Paul describes how churches aren’t meeting in Australia’s […]

Tonight: Evangelical Dark Web to host The Other Paul to talk Australia

Ray Fava will be hosting a livestream on the Evangelical Dark Web YouTube channel to talk to The Other Paul to discuss all things related to the church in Australia: their Christian media, their lockdowns, Brian Houston’s arrest, and more. It will start at 8pm EST tonight. Link below: