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State of the church Australia

In the ninth Evangelical Dark Web livestream, we get insight on the church in Australia from a local perspective. tackling heavy topics like lockdowns, Australia’s political climate, the pro-life movement, and Brian Houston. All of these things provide much insight into the church in Australia.

Essentially Paul describes how churches aren’t meeting in Australia’s major population centers leaving many believers churchless. Ironically, there are a segment of traditional Catholics that seem more resistant to tyrannical ecclesiastical error than the Protestants. Another issue raised while talking about Brian Houston was that most Evangelical churches in Australia are so influenced by Hillsong, if not organizationally than their practice of concert worship style.

Much of Paul’s focus in his online ministry is on Christian media, specifically Eternity News which is like an Australian Christianity Today.

After the heavy topics, we finish off with more zany topics like video games and Australia’s contribution to science fiction. Obviously a lengthy interview is difficult to breifly summarize,  but I got a sense of the struggle of being a Christian in an even more post-Christian society.

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