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Space Jam 2 release date draws little excitement, Best Reactions

Space Jam was a childhood favorite of mine and many kids. A sequel to the instant classic was shelved after subsequent Loony Toons movies bombed. The franchise is being revived, this time with Lebron James being the front man, instead of Michael Jordan who is still alive and undoubtedly still good at basketball. Numerous movies have tried to capitalize off of nostalgia and multiple have failed, notably the Han Solo and Crimes of Grindelwald.

Part of the reason is that the NBA just is not that popular. Between ESPN’s over-promotion (because they overpaid for TV rights) and social media buzz, the NBA has pitiful rating by comparison. The Alliance of American Football debuted earlier this month and toppled the NBA in ratings, with very little promotion.

It’s also worth noting that LeBron James is extremely polarizing and marginalizes the target market. He just isn’t as likable as Michael Jordan, both a team player and a hard worker. I don’t think there are enough Bronsexuals to make this movie float. Expect a poor return. Enjoy the reactions, I’ve compiled.

My personal favorite:


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